The great economic recession 2020

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Objective of this Handbook

Make everyone understand what is happening around them and make financial decisions more meaningful (like decisions on income, savings, expenditure, buying flats, buy cars, invest in stocks, or buy gold bullion or jewellery etc.). Another objective is to make every individual protect themselves from the financial chaos happening at local and global level.

Who can read this?

Policy-makers, bureaucrats, civil service aspirants, banking officials, employees with any income level, Businessmen, or anyone who is interested in understanding the financial crisis, and protect themselves.

Topics covered

1. Understand Credit Boom / Bubble and Sub-Prime lending

2. Understand Housing bubble, Auto boom, Corporate balance sheet crisis

3. Understand sovereign debt crisis

4. Inter-connection of all these bubbles and crisis with the Global economic crisis.

5. The Virus ‘Panic of March 2020’ that lead to the ‘once in a century market crash’

6. Impact of the COVID-19 on the financial crisis what was already built up

7. Possible ways of Economic revival.

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