Multifunctional Electronic Materials & Processing- 2021.

▪️Why in News

✅ On the occasion of 30th foundation day of Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Shri Sanjay Dhotre, the Union Minister of State for Education, Communications, Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, has inaugurated the International Conference on Multifunctional Electronic Materials & Processing (MEMP 2021).



✅ Electronic materials and components are core of all electronic devices.

✅ Materials are the back-bone of capacity and functionality of any electronic gadget.

✅ The performance of electronic products is directly dependent on the components used.

✅ Substantial financial support in Research & Development on emerging materials has continuously been provided, although commercialization of the R&D outcome is a challenge. C-MET was, hence, established in 1990 to fill th gap between R&D and production of critical electronic materials.

✅ C-MET has been producing Hafnium and Silicon Carbide for strategic sectors (DRDO and ISRO) for years.

▪️About C-MET

✅ The Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), functions as an scientific society under the aegis of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Govt. of India.

✅ Besides augmenting care competence, C-MET envisions attainment of self- sufficiency in the sphere of Electronic materials, components and devices to cater to India's strategic and industrial applications, exploiting indigenous resources of raw materials.

✅ R&D activities in C-MET include development of polymer glasses for electronics, specialty chemicals, ultra high purity and refractory metals, semiconductors, photovoltaic materials and Quantum Materials, C-MET has core competence in all kind of nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy storage (L-ion, Na-ion batteries), solar Hydrogen generation, fuel cells and Hydrogen storage C-MET has Centre of Excellences in Rechargeable Battery Technology and Additive Manufacturing.

✅ C-MET undertakes joint R&D, sponsored research, technology transfer and consultancy projects and provides technical services.

▪️About MEMP

✅ Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET), Pune is organizing an International Conference on Multifunctional Electronic Materials & Processing (MEMP 2021) at Pune, India during 8-10 March 2021.

✅ MEMP-2021 will provide an opportunity to scientists, researchers, academicians and young students to interact with eminent scientists technologists working in the field of multifunctional electronic materials for various applications & their processing for making devices.

✅ Materials required for energy storage, energy generation, Nanostructured materials, Quantum dots, Sensors, Neutrino Energy Conversion /storage. Flexible devices, Photonic devices and processing techniques like Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) will be discussed.

✅ This transformation could become possible due to novel R&D initiatives that have occurred in above areas.

✅ MEMP 2021 will serve as a common platform for discussing the new ideas developments/ breakthroughs and future prospects pertaining to multifunctional electronic materials with some of the leading scientists technologists as well as to be acquainted with their experience and knowledge.

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