India to setup high-tech cameras along China border, new war-time shelters in North East.

India is planning to set up high-tech surveillance cameras along the Line of Actual Control with China, while also focusing on establishing war-time and weather-proof aircraft shelters in the North-East.

The developments came to light in a report of the Standing Committee on Defence, which was presented to the Lok Sabha speaker on Friday. The Committee explained that during a visit to India’s eastern sector from November 4-9, they came across a request for state-of-the-art surveillance cameras. About 16 such cameras were required for posts there. The Committee learnt that the defence ministry received a request for these cameras not only in the eastern sector, but along the northern borders as well.

The request is being undertaken in two ways. The first is a time-taking central procurement that meets the complete requirement. The second way is the Army Commanders’ Special Financial Powers Fund to meet immediate operational requirements until the central procurement materialises. However, the Committee noted that despite the special powers granted to the army commanders, surveillance equipment has not been installed at the required places.


“It is desired that the immediate requirement for surveillance equipment at the Eastern Command and northern borders, including Nathu la post, must be fulfilled at the earliest. Also, the complete requirement of the surveillance equipment must be attended to through central procurement as the border areas are sensitive in nature...No stones shall be left unturned in order to develop a fool proof border line,” the Committee stated.

The Committee also pointed at the ‘paucity’ of aircraft shelters in the Indian Air Force (IAF). Such shelters protect the aircraft from bombing raids and dust and birds as well. The IAF informed the Committee that it is making aircraft shelters in a systematic manner. The focus was on India’s western border with Pakistan. It added that the focus is now on the North-East. The plan is with the defence ministry. The IAF is making two types of shelters, including a new generation hardened one which will protect aircraft from bombs. The other type are sun shelters that will protect the aircraft from rain and other weather conditions. While sun shelters exist in Tezpur and Chabua in Assam, new generation shelters are costly and take time to be built.

The Committee recommended, “expediting the plan for construction of aircraft shelters so that avoidable damage to planes is taken care of.” (Source: pib)

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